Corfu belongs geographically and administratively to the Ionian islands’ cluster and has a 214km-long coastline. The strongest cultural and architectural influences in modern times that are evident even nowadays, are attributed to the Venetians, the French and the English. The natural beauty of the island is truly unique. Lush vegetation, the abundance of olive groves and cypress trees and beaches with magnificent golden sand or pebbles, mountainous terrain combined with wonderful climate make Corfu a very attractive holiday destination. The calm blue waters of the Ionian sea, the beautiful beaches, the natural harbors located a short distance from one another make the island one of the most favorite tourist destinations worth exploring by a car you rent from our CorfuTraffic company.​We would be happy to offer you the chance to discover the beautiful island of Corfu with the expertise provided by CorfuTraffic car-hire company.

Corfu Town

The capital city of Corfu, center of activities throughout the year, is in the heart of the island. The characteristics of Venetian architecture dominate the city centre with tall buildings, narrow streets, gates and walls, archways and wide stairs, as well as the imposing Venetian fortresses. The impressive Liston, built by the French many cafes under the arches, the big Esplanade square, colonial palaces built by the British,a lot of ornate and exquisite churches, all add to the atmospheric feeling of this unique city. So rent a car from CorfuTraffic and take a tour to Corfu city and visit the Old Fortress, Liston, Spianada, Kantounia and the Palace Of St. Michael And St. George.

North Beaches in Corfu

Rent a car in Corfu with our CorfuTraffic company and starting from Acharavi visit the northeastern beaches of Corfu that are characterized mainly by pebbles. So starting from Acharavi you can visit: Almiros, Agios Spyridon, Nisos, Kalamaki, Kassiopi Beaches, Avlaki, Kerasia, Agios Stefanos Sinion, Nisaki, Barbati, Ipsos, Dasia, Dafnilas, Agios Nikolaos. Also starting from Acharavi you can see the northwestern part of the island which is characterized mainly by sandy beaches and natural wealth of unrivaled beauty. Renting a car from CorfuTraffic, you can visit: Palaiokastritsa, Afionas, Arillas, Agios Stefanos Avlioton, Loggas, Drastis, Apotripiti, Sidari Canal D ‘Amour, Roda.

South Beaches in Corfu

The southern Corfu is characterized by incredible natural beauty, where the main characteristic is the sandy beaches. If you rent a car from CorfuTraffic, you can visit the palace of Sissy or otherwise Achillion and you combine it by visiting the southern beaches of the island: Agios Gordios, Glifada, Ermones, Mirtiotissa, Kontogialos, Kaiser Bridge, Mpenitses, Agios Ioannis, Moraitika, Mesoggi, Petritis, Kavos Beach, Mpouka, Alikes Lefkimis, Santa Barbara, Marathias, Gardenos Vitaladon, Agios Georgios South, Issos-Sund Hills, Chalikounas, Prasoudi.