Minimum age : Minimum age 21 for credit cards in groups AC, J, K, minimum age 23 for cash payments, minimum age 23 for groups D, G, L, S, I.

Driving license : A driving license that is valid for at least one year is required.

Minimum rental period: 5 DAYS. Each additional hour is charged at 1/5 daily rate

Traffic fines : tickets and related administrative penalties resulting from violations of the Greek traffic law during the rental period are borne exclusively by the renter.

Gasoline: The lessee pays for the gasoline consumption.

Child seat: available on request for children up to 3 years of age.

Availability: Car models correspond to the original plan. However, delivery problems can, in exceptional cases, force us to deliver another vehicle.

Notes (*): Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Car Ferry: Prior written approval from our office is required for any renter wishing to transport the car. Surcharge 60 €.


There is no insurance cover if you control a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or interfering medicine or drive without a valid driving license.

Undercarriage damage, tyre damage, key damage or lost keys are not covered by comprehensive insurance.

Vehicles may not be used in rouch terrain.
Furthermore willfull damage by the renter ( except in case of a police accident report ) of the interior (upholstery etc) is not insured and must be paid by you on the spot.

In the event of excessive vehicle interior dirtyness ( garbage, sand ,etc ) the renter must pay an extra cleaning fee of 50.00 Euro by the return.

Tickets and fines resulting from violations of Greek laws are solely paid by the renter.

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